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Other producers are shocked and most people think we've lost our minds when they hear that we are giving each and every SoulFyah Instrumental away for free!

Well, maybe we are a little crazy, but after some serious consideration there are a few good reasons we decided to offer our Reggae Beats and Instrumentals for Free. One of them is that we're new to the market and want to spread the word about our brand like wildfire.

But that's by far not all of the story. We believe the foundation of a good business is in the value it has to offer.

SoulFyah offers a high quality product at very affordable rates, but most importantly we want our customers to have a great experience and to be satisfied.

That said, we offer the opportunity to try our instrumentals first, before you make the decision and buy them.

Write and record your songs without annoying audio tags and test our instrumentals in your music or video productions. When done, start promoting it right away on Youtube or Soundcloud.

Yes, they are free for promotional and non-profit purpose!

Furthermore we would like to support independent musicians and artists by offering them high quality music production for free. We understand that it can be tough to get started in the music industry, specially if you don't have access to quality production.

Create and record your songs first, promote them on- and offline, build your following, and once you're ready to sell your music, simply purchase a license in our Reggae Riddims & Hip Hop Beats Store and you're all set.

We believe that if we help you succeed in the music industry, you will be much more likely to work with us in the future.

All non-profit and promotional use of our instrumentals is free, however, if you want to sell the songs you make with our music, you have to purchase a valid license to do so.

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Not only do you get instant access to download every SoulFyah instrumental that's out there but also receive exclusive offers, learn more about music marketing and much more.

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This is an absolute no-brainer. No - this is the mother of a no-brainer!


Hendrik Remmers (Founder, SoulFyah Productions)

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After sign up you will receive an automatic email with instructions on how to access the Free Download Page, on which you can download all your favorite instrumentals instantly. Yes, that's right - ALL OUR INSTRUMENTALS - NO AUDIO TAGS!

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What if I sell a song I made with a free SoulFyah Beat?

Don't you dare!

Of course the thought pops up in our minds, we're all human beings. But don't let bad karma bite you in the butt. However, here are a few things you should consider.

First, our free beats are compressed MP3 files. Thru the conversion of a high resolution PCM WAV audio file to MP3, some information of the file is lost, which results in poorer audio quality.

To be competitive with other productions we master our MP3 files so they sound great when played online. One of the procedures in mastering is to maximize the loudness of the audio file to get the record to commercial volumes.

If you now try to mix your vocals correctly with the instrumental, the vocals tracks will have to compete with an audio track that is already pushed to the limits and lossy in quality. This is by far not an ideal situation for a great sounding, professional recording.

If you are serious about your music career you want to produce a high quality product for your fans to purchase.

With our Basic License you'll get the high resolution WAV-file with enough headroom to be able to master your vocals with the beat together and with the Premium and Deluxe Licenses you'll get the track-outs. With track-outs you'll have full control over the sound of your song when mixing.

In short: If you sell your songs recorded on our free beats, you're shootin' yourself in the foot.

Licensing with us is very affordable, and if you provide a high quality product for your fans, you will most likely make more sales the end of the day.

Second, we wanna help you getting started with your music career by giving you our hard work for free.

And we trust in your integrity that once you got things going well, you will not turn against us and shoot us in the back.

We'd like to be a partner you can trust on your musical journey and we will make that first step and trust you!

And third:

We use advanced software searching the web & digital distribution platforms for our beats. Our Music is all legally copyrighted, if you wanna use it commercially you MUST obtain a valid license. For all inquiries please contact [email protected]

How do I credit the producer?

In all projects where any part of a SoulFyah beat is used, be sure to give credit in one of the following formats:

For YouTube/Facebook/WorldstarHipHop/Other Video Outlets: “Produced by SoulFyah Productions –”

For all physical media: Anything to the likes of “Produced by SoulFyah Productions”, or “Instrumental by SoulFyah Productions” will suffice.

In situations where writing is not applicable (i.e live performances) you have to give credit to SoulFyah Production within the first 30 seconds of the instrumental.

Read more frequently asked questions here.